Fundamental Ghost Hunting Equipment

Hunting ghosts of which haunt is a popular hobby, but also an approach to help even more professional researchers inside searching for proofs of reality regarding paranormal phenomena. But also in order to start off investigating the dukun, a beginner should collect some equipment first – with first, with no great deal of money, such person must target on benefiting from simple ghost hunting resources and gear. Let’s take a take an appearance on the sensitive stuff paranormal detective might need.

Notebook computer + pen

Typically the very basic issue every investigator needs to perform true ghost hunting is not some advanced scientific gadget, but a simple notebook. Within these kinds of, investigator can jot down events, experiences, interviews with witnesses, TODO lists etc. Laptop computer for ghost finder doesn’t have in order to be very special, in reality all you require is the basic report notebook you can easily get for several dollars. Personally I actually would recommend buying a Moleskine for about $13 $, but cheap school notebook will end up being enough. Get a few cheap pen, and you’re done.


Investigations usually consider place at night time, therefore you need a flashlight. This time around, do not purchase something cheap, or at least not the cheapest flashlight in the store available. Spend from $30 to be able to $70 USD to obtain waterproof flashlight that will not die during one night.

Digital Digicam

In order to get some simple physical proofs regarding any ghost action on site, you need to get basic digicam. Such cameras can be purchases for $80 to $120 $, and that will be enough regarding start. There’s no need for anything quite expensive.

Digital smartpen

Finally, you need in order to get some good digital recorders, for $50 to be able to $100 USD. This sort of tool will be used for recording EVPs (electronic voice phenomena, found in other words, noises of spirits caught on “tape”) in the course of paranormal investigation by itself, also for recording interview with witnesses.

Electronic camcorder

If a person want to report some video, your digital camera should end up being enough, but if you act like you think you can devote some more money on equipment, a person can invest many dollars in electronic digital camcorder. Why electronic digital? Ghost Hunts uses typical tape camcorders anymore, it’s a much too outdated school.

And that’s all – which will be the basic tools for each and every ghost searching experience, and it can also very low-cost. Should you be acting solitary and you’re not really a member regarding any ghost camping team, there is definitely no need so you can get expensive equipment for example full spectrum video cameras or surveillance system. Just remember a person will also want some batteries to your electronic gadgets, plus some water plus food if you may find yourself about paranormal investigation web-site.

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